SARCLISA: A targeted immunotherapy

Designed to find and bind

SARCLISA is not chemotherapy. It is a type of targeted immunotherapy that is able to “find and bind” to myeloma cells. SARCLISA
works together with your immune system to help destroy myeloma cells.

  • Immune system cell
  • Myeloma cell
The SARCLISA molecule binds to a myeloma cell that alerts an immune system cell to come and destroy the myeloma cell.

SARCLISA finds and binds to myeloma cells and exposes them for elimination by your immune system.

The SARCLISA molecule boosts a trio of immune system cells.

SARCLISA helps boost your immune system, making it harder for myeloma cells to survive.

The SARCLISA molecule binds to a myeloma cell, destroying it.

SARCLISA directly kills myeloma cells.

Watch the story of how SARCLISA works to help fight multiple myeloma

SARCLISA is not chemotherapy.
SARCLISA is a targeted immunotherapy.